Drift boating

Rafting after yellowfish

The Americans call it “drift boating” but what the hell, it’s rafting downriver and flyfishing as you go. We run guided half-day trips, full-day trips, and expeditions of several days camping out on the riverbanks.

Our flyfish rafting expeditions are popular with those who want to explore the bywaters of the Vaal, Orange and Tugela and other rivers. Imagine getting up with the river right there and flyfishing straight away. Or watching the sun go down, enjoying a sundowner while you flick the line over the whirling water.

We’ll tackle any rivers if they are driftable and the fishing looks promising. RIVERMAN has pioneered oarboating on rivers in South Africa so come and try it for yourself. As to boats, we’ve got various options for you –

On the water:

  • Stand-up or sit-down oarboating – yes that’s right, fish from a standing position or stay seated with a guide managing Rafting after yellowfishthe raft. The advantage is that you don’t need to think about anything except where to drop the fly, and you can reach deep water and remote eddies.
  • Croc your own way – take a 1- or 2-seater croc and paddle yourself where you want to go. Same as above except that you paddle your own canoe. You can go accompanied by a guide or take yourself off into the blue yonder to find a fishing spot no-one else knows.

Paddle and wade

  • Sit-on-top – canoe among the islands, stopping off where it suits you. You can’t stand in a sit-on-top but it’s a dandy boat for reaching the most remote narrow channels, under trees and between rocks.
  • Our expert flyfish guides can accompany you on the water, wading or along the banks.

When planning to come flyfishing with us, let us know –

  • Your level of know-how, beginner to advanced
  • If you need to hire equipment such as rods, boats or waders
  • Duration of your trip – from day trips to full-on expeditions

We’ll come back with recommendations and a quote. Our guides need to be booked well in advance. Once you book we send a detailed briefing about what to prepare,  bring and expect. You fish, we do the rest!


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